Surf's Up!

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Alexander Schwank

Alexander Schwank
One of the quintessential Aussie sports has got to be surfing. With so many pristine white sand beaches lining the coast, Perth is heaven for both seasoned riders and new surfers alike. Over these last three weeks, we have learned so much about the oceans and the important role they play in biodiversity. Now it's time to get out there and play! --- Surfing is all about connection with nature. You need to be in rhythm with the waves and totally in the moment. While pro surfers on TV and movies make surfing look so smoothe and easy, it actually takes great balance and determination to stand up and ride the perfect wave. We all gave our 100% and some of us did really amazing for our first times. Even when we sometimes fell off, we always kept trying and most of all kept enjoying our time with each other. --- Surfing is also all about spending time with your friends. Trying something new and enjoying time outside together is a great unifier. Its incredible how close we have become in these three weeks and how fast this trip has gone by. Whether we keep surfing in our futures or not, these friendships we have made will hopefully last a lifetime.

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