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Art-Making in Prague's Creative Studios

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Nicole L.

I have already been in Prague for a week for the HSSA Global Navigator program Art-Making in Prague, and so far it has been nothing short of wonderful. This past week we explored the medium of print-making, and the students had a blast. We started off by exploring linocut where the students sketched a design, and transfered the image to a piece of linolium to then carve out the design. Adi was missing her dog, and decided to carve her puppy, while Ava R was inspired by the church of the nearby Namesti Miru and decided to recreate it! Next we moved onto drypoint, which is where students must etch their designs into a thin sheet of plastic to print. Mila made a sweet image of a cat, while Jenny went a spookier route with two little ghosts holding hands. Drypoint requires a lot of special materials, and is rarely taught in high schools because of the need for a specific printing press. This was a first for all of them, and they really enjoyed getting to explore this style of printing. We also did textured collage where sutdents used various textured material such as bubble wrap, sandpaper and yarn to create works of art! Lastly, and perhaps the students favorite was getting to design our own tote bags using custom made stamps. Each student will be coming home with their uniquely designed tote bag, such as Ava Z's peacock, and Alex's green onion. During the week we have had a nice mix of activties and downtime. We did a walking town of the Prague old town led by an expert guide, ordered ice cream on our own in Czech using phrases we learned in our Czech language classes such as "Dam si" meaning "Can I have..." and various ice cream flavors such as Francisco's favorite Mango which in Czech, happens to also be mango. Joined by 4 Czech students, we all sang our hearts out at karaoke, and the students really bonded during this activity, and are quite a close knit group. My fellow program leader Ally and I feel so lucky that all of the students enjoy spending time together, and have formed fast friendships with one another. They are also just a really kind group, and are a joy to spend time with. We attended a painting workshop outside in the park, painting from real life just like the old masters and we painted mugs in an enamel painting workshop. On Saturday we took a day trip to Kutna Hora. Kutna Hora is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is also a small town of 22,000 people. It is known for its silver mines, and some of the most breathtaking cathedrals in the country. We spent our morning touring churchs to study the gothic architecture and the various frescos that adorn the walls of the halls. Our afternoon was spent in the GASK gallery, viewing the art and even participating in a spray paint workshop where students used their own photo to express an emotion.  Some students got so into it that they even made two works of art! You will all have a lot to look through when your kids get home! Yesterday we had a free day, where students were able to explore Prague following their own schedules. Many students rented pedal boats, and took them for a ride on the Vlatava river to see the Prague Castle from the water. Others elected to go thrift shopping after discovering that Prague offers some truly fantastic vintage shopping. Overall, the students are doing well, and are excited for week 2! This week we are focusing on painting, and today we started on still life painting in acrylic. This afternoon we will attend a guided tour of Prague castle, and we have some pretty cool adventures lined up this week including a weekend trip to the town of Cesky Krumlov! This week we are attending a Czech cooking class, which everyone is very excited about. However the catch is that we will be eating what we cook for dinner and dessert! We are also visiting the Kampa Museum and the John Lennon wall. Then this weekend we will spend two nights in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Ceszky Krumlov, exploring and participating in art workshops! Lastly, I polled the kiddos and asked them what they enjoyed most here in Prague this past week. Here are their responses! 

Juliette & Oona both loved the spray painting workshop 

Mila loved her visit to the Eifel Tower of Prague, Petrin Tower

Ava Rome & Oona loved sketching in the park 

Adi and Juliette loved thrift shopping at the all of the vintage stores 

Ally and I loved our day trip to Kutna Hora 

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