Students Hard at Work!

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Jennifer Tubbs

Jennifer Tubbs

After two weeks at CAIMEDE, a government-run orphanage, our students have volunteered in almost every capacity. From painting the dormitories to weeding the garden, students have lent a hand in the daily operations of the organization. 

Additionally, our students have had the opportunity to attend educational sessions with the children in CAIMEDE during their summer classes on topics such as bullying and the importance of honesty. Students have played sports with the children, such as basketball and soccer, during their downtime.  

Right now, we’re sitting in a local park with the children on a weekend excursion. Our students are teaching the children how to ride bikes! Participants are thrilled to be helping children develop life skills while enjoying the shade of the flamboyan trees.  

“Working with the kids has been an eye opener and has made me appreciate everything more in life. Playing with the girls has been my favorite part of the experience so far, and seeing them smile whenever we arrive at CAIMEDE in the morning.” - Daisy Jasso, 12th grade, Houston, TX

“One of the girls gave me a letter today that said how much she appreciated me and my time with her. I think that was my favorite moment so far.” - Sophie Patten-Ostergard, Berkeley, CA


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