Student Takeover: Maasai Beaded Jewelry

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Kaitlyn Shepard

Kaitlyn Shepard

 Div took over the blog this week to give you a look into one of her favorite cultural activities during her time in Tanzania.

“Nowadays, all kids want is some ice on their wrist so they can look better when they dance (credits to the song Rolex by Ayo and Teo). Luckily, the Maasai Market is the place to hit, and I think we went there almost every day of the trip, slowly becoming bargaining gurus. With the abundance of shops and items to peruse, there’s no way anyone can get bored. 

By sheer fate, we were able to experience the process of creating the same Maasai jewelry that emptied our wallets. Sitting on a plastic blue tarp, a “mama” showed us how to effectively create the bracelets, rings, and necklaces (waistbeads for Z). While others meticulously went through each bead to create patterns, I decided to just go to town and mimic exactly what the mama did— with great success I might add. I ended up making 3 bracelets and 3 rings in the hour we were there. Obviously, I had to flex on everyone and post it on my story, and all my friends swiped up and said they wanted some. Probably gonna create an Etsy shop to share my secret talent with the world. “ -Div

Check out the video below of her in action:

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