Student Takeover: Host Families

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Kaitlyn Shepard

Kaitlyn Shepard


 During their 3 week trip to Iringa each of the girls lives with a local family where they eat most meals together and get the opportunity to experience daily life here. Today Ave took over the blog to tell us about her experience living with her host family.

Host Families, arguably the best part of my trip here in Iringa

For me, having a host family has been nothing short of lovely. I have built strong relationships with my siblings as well as my parents. Although we may only be able to communicate with a small “how are you” or “thank you for dinner”, my family has been extremely kind and enjoyable to be around. I look forward to going home to them every night. Tonight I sat outside in their outdoor kitchen watching them cook dinner, looking up at the stars and laughing with my siblings. They taught me a few of their prayer songs and dances. Showing interest in their culture could not have made them happier. Having a host family has allowed me to embrace a new culture so different from my own. It has made me realize how much we take things for granted such as water, food or modern toilets. My host siblings and parents are some of the kindest and most amazing people and I am so thankful they are letting me stay with them.



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