Student spotlight: Theo recaps our safari at Aquila

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Stephanie Humphrey


Beautiful is the best way I can describe South Africa. Thursday afternoon, we went to Aquila Game Reserve and Spa about 2.5 hours away from Cape Town. The place we were staying was awesome! It had a full on spa with two pools, a steam room, a sauna, massages, manicures and pedicures, and so much more. We participated in two safari tours, one in the evening and one in the morning. During the evening tour, we saw a multitude of animals, or “game” as it is called in South Africa. We saw everything from hippos, to rhinos, to lions and elephants. We even got an amazing up-close view of the elephants and lions! Later that night, some friends and I took a cold plunge in the pool then relaxed in the sauna. The next day, my roommate Milo and I woke up bright and early at 6:30 am, eagerly prepared for our second tour at 7:30 am. On this tour, we saw the male lion again, two giraffes, a herd of zebras, and many more. We even got to hold an ostrich egg!!! After the tour, I got a soothing massage and a pedicure at the spa. 10/10 experience honestly.

By: Theo