Student Reflections: Session 2, Week 1

Authored By:

Jennie Gold

We’ve officially wrapped up our first full week of the High School Summer Abroad Session 2 Gaming & Esports Program here in Seoul, South Korea. This week has been full of activities and lots and lots of rain. Many of the students are starting to get over the initial jet lag and we’re getting into the rhythm with the daily schedule.

Today’s blog post will feature six of our Esports students. They’ll be answering some questions about their experiences here in Korea so far. Each week we’ll introduce six new students, so family and friends…if you don’t see your student in this post, I promise you’ll see them in an upcoming post!

For this week’s questions, we’d like you to meet Bernadette, Jaewon, Jigme, Quinn, John, and Aaron!

1. If you could use one word to describe your time in Korea so far, what would it be?

BERNADETTE: Thrilling! I’m by myself for the first time, so I get to try out new things for myself. I am waiting for a different adventure each day.

JAEWON: Humid.

JIGME: Delicious / Yummy / Pretty / Crowded / Rainy. Wow, I love it so much!

QUINN: Awesome.

JOHN: Fun.

AARON: Different.


2. Tell me about one challenge you’ve faced so far and how you dealt with it.

BERNADETTE: The biggest challenge is definitely adjusting to living in Korea. I am still somewhat in my American mindset, but with the help of my program leaders and staff, they help me overcome that challenge.

JAEWON: As an introvert, I’ve struggled with connecting to other people. I’ve overcome that by just making sure I’m always with other people and participating in activities with them.

JIGME: One challenge is avoiding eye contact and speaking with locals. I deal with it through translation apps and by nodding my head.

QUINN: Navigation. I dealt with the challenge by figuring out how to use maps.

JOHN: Not having any cash. I solved the problem by borrowing from another student.

AARON: The language barrier has been difficult, especially when trying to use any sort of self-service, but translation apps have helped.


3. Tell me about a fun or unique experience you’ve had.

BERNADETTE: One of my most unique experiences I had is the scavenger hunt we did. Not only was it a surprise and entertaining challenge, but I also got to see a bunch of cool places and take lots of photos.

JAEWON: Honestly, I’ve just had a lot of fun wandering around the area by the hotel and by Yonsei University. It’s enjoyable to find new shops and restaurants.

JIGME: My favorite experience so far was visiting the Korean Folk Village. It was very fun. I liked the dances that they did there. Also riding the subway!

QUINN: The archery cafe. I’m good at archery and I had a lot of fun competing against Mr. Steven (one of the program leaders).

JOHN: The arcade in Sinchon was fun!

AARON: Going to Cookin’ Nanta (a long-running Korean live action show) was a lot of fun and very unique to see.


4. What are you looking forward to in the next two weeks of the program?

BERNADETTE: In the next two weeks of the program, I am definitely looking forward to the tournaments. Not only does this program hold a tournament for the Gen.G Global Academy students, but also a tournament between ourselves as well.

JAEWON: I am really looking forward to the Esports tournament we’re running. It seems like a really cool and unique experience, and I’m excited to communicate with the players in Korean.

JIGME: I’m looking forward to eating a lot of Korean dishes and enjoying performances. I am looking forward to our Esports assignments and to our tournament…also to playing games with the team and beating everyone.

QUINN: Seeing more of Korea and immersing myself in the culture.

JOHN: Just having fun with roommates and friends.

AARON: Being able to experience more of Korean culture.


We are looking forward to all that is in store for the Esports students in the next two weeks. Please check back for more updates soon!