Strolling Through Soho!

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Eve H.

Exploring on your own is such a rewarding opportunity! Today, we had the chance to spend all day out and you best believe that we all jumped at the opportunity! We started the day off with bowling at the local bowling alley and, not to brag, but I hit second place!! We played for a few hours and got lunch before we headed off on our own! I went with a few of my friends down to Soho, which was absolutely stunning! We started off by thriving which was super fun! Then, we walked around the square before heading into Chinatown. It was absolutely stunning with lanterns hanging all up and down the streets! We stopped in a couple cute stores before getting some cake at a local cafe and having a picnic in the park! The cakes we ADORABLE and mine was even shaped like a bear! Since arriving, I’ve noticed how nice the pigeons are compared to at home and the pigeons in the park proved that to be true. They traveled in groups and politely walked around without disturbing anyone, it was adorable! When it was getting close to dinner time, we headed back to the hotel to drop off our bags and grabbed dinner before we headed to Waterstones to get some new nighttime reading material! Today made me feel so free and high on life! I hope this feeling never ends! 

xoxo, Eve <3