Soaring through the Sky and Swimming through the Falls

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Women for Environmental Action

Authored By:

Delaney O'Brien

After spending time in class and around town throughout the week, the Climate Change Mitigation students eagerly awaited the weekend activities: hiking the El Tigre Waterfalls and Ziplining through the Cloud Forest. Both activities are local to the Monteverde area, about 40 minutes away from the campus. The weekend activities immerse students in local tourism, which is a huge industry in Monteverde. They are able to practice their Spanish, enjoy nature, and experience Monteverde! 

Saturday, we left quickly after breakfast and enjoyed a scenic drive through the mountains. Once arriving to El Tigre, we learned about the trails and the waterfalls before heading out on our hike. This hike is about three hours long, stretching over a few miles and mostly downhill. We were able to see a variety of sizes of waterfalls, monkeys, beautiful butterflies, and many plant species. At the largest waterfall, students were able to jump into the freezing cold water and experience the rush of the falls. After swimming, we continued on our hike crossing over creeks and rope bridges. At the end of the hike, students were able to cool off in a small river before heading to the barn. There, we got our gear and each got a horse. We rode horseback up the mountain, capturing beautiful views. After the thirty minute horseback ride, we sat down together to eat a filling traditional lunch. Students napped during the bus ride, until we arrived at the supermarket. Students were so excited to try new snacks, and buy some that reminded them of home. We arrived back on campus just in time to rest before dinner. After dinner, the sounds of karaoke filled the valley as students sang their hearts out to their favorite songs. 

Sunday morning was rainy and foggy, but that didn’t stop us from heading to the adventure park to zip line. We arrived at the park as soon as they opened, were fitted for our gear, and headed to the canopies. This thirteen line course varied in length, some so long we couldn’t see the other side! Two of the lines needed two to three people. We got into groups and the guides attached our gear together before sending us across the valley. Giggles and screams filled the park from our students. After the lines, there was an optional Tarzan swing which many students opted to do! This is a pendulum-like swing that felt like a freefall. After our morning adventure, we headed back to campus for lunch and an afternoon nap. 

All of the students are thoroughly enjoying their Costa Rican adventure, and making friends and memories to last a lifetime.