SO MUCH LEARNING - Cultural, Women in Stem, and giving back to San Luis

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Women for Environmental Action

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Lynne Burns

Participants have been working furiously on presentations regarding "Important Women in Stem."  Groups presented on Madam Curie, Jane Goodall, Ellen Ochoa, Katherine Johnson, and Katherine Hayhoe. Amazing research and presentations from all groups with captivating information and women to look up to for inspiration. Believe me when I say, the world is in good hands with these young ladies and their intelligence!

Besides working hard on presentations, they are also working hard on their final projects!  The amount of research, creativity, and labor put forth from each group is amazing!   Looking forward to seeing their projects come to life around campus.

The participants spent the afternoon on Monday giving back to the town of San Luis by cleaning and painting their community playground. Their was a lot to do and the park now has a fresh coat of paint to brighten the community.

We had a visit from a local Folkloric dance group, Monteverde Baila. If you want to learn more about them you can find them on Instagram at @monteverde_baila. The girls had a blast watching and dancing to traditional music with traditional dresses. Beautiful dancers!

We topped off one evening with a night hike around campus!  Who knew we had a tarantula!  We also found katydids, crickets, lizards, moths, and butterflies!  It was an adventure into the dark forest to see these nocturnal creatures!

We are all soaking up as much as we can during our final week!  Lots of work, lots of fun, and lots of local cultural learning for all of us!