Sightseeing in Shanghai

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Nicole Walker

Nicole Walker

Duirng the weekend, our students had the opportunity to take a private double-decker bus tour through Shanghai, visiting some local  areas such as Jing'an Temple, the French Concession, the Bund, and Shanghai Tower. 

Students on the top of the double decker bus first thing in the morning for our tour of Shanghai
Yilin taking a seat at the Jing'an Temple
View of the Jing'an Temple and surrounding area.


Kelly tried to throw a coin into a pot for good luck!
Emma and Melanie exploring the Jing'an Temple. 
Juliet taking photos with PL Meghan posing in the background
Daniel and Francesco on the bus
The entire group acting silly on the Bund
PL Meghan, Daphne, Ngat and PL Jen jumping for joy at the Bund
Juliet and Thuy An posing in front of the Pearl Tower on the Bund
Crystal dancing on the Bund
Louise and Alexis enjoying the top of Shanghai Tower


Harlie and John overlooking Shanghai from the top of Shanghai Tower
Katy looking down at Shanghai from the top of the Shanghai Tower


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