Settling Into Routine

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Smart Cities & Sustainability

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Cierra Summers

Day 3: The Beauty of the Canals
Hoi! Students had their first Dutch language class and learned greetings and common phrases that will help them throughout their studies here in Amsterdam. They also began their Sustainability course and learned about Amsterdam's infrastructure and circular economy. They then went on a scenic canal ride around the city. 
Day 4: It's Maritime Time
Students began the morning with class, learning about doughnut economics from a guest speaker. They then toured the National Maritime Museum and enjoyed learning about the history of Dutch marine life. They loved exploring the lifesize merchant ship and learning about life then.
Day 5: Ending the Week with Class
Students ended their school week by learning about Smart City concepts during sustainability class. They also learned phrases to use when shopping and ordering meals during their functional Dutch Class. To end the day, they participated in a scavenger hunt through Dappermarkt, and the winners received a bag of delicious stroopwafels. Doei!