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Samgyetang(삼계탕) and more food from Gwangjang Market(광장시장)!

July 11

Our navigators have been in Korea for a week. While the weather in Korea is extremely humid and hot, we had a lot to catch up on. It is time to eat nutritious food, such as Samgyetang (Ginsang Chicken Soup). Koreans eat Samgyetang on 삼복 Sambok days. The hottest day in Korea is known as 복날 Boknal. We have three boknal days which is Sambok (초복 Chobok, 중복 Jungbok, and 말복 Malbok). Koreans eat a lot of cold food, such as 냉면 cold noodle soup, but they also eat hot soup. This is another method known as 이열치열 Iyeolchiyeol, which means "fighting the heat with hot food". On July 11th, we went to "Baengnyeon tojong samgyetang". Samgyetang was absolutely delicious. Check it out!

July 13-14

We visited Gwangjang Market, Korea's first permanent market. Gwang jang means "to gather from afar and keep together," according to the Korean Tourism Organization.  Our guide was Jae (Follow him on Instagram: jfromkorea). He is well-known as a Tiktoker (1.7M followers) and a travel guide. Our K-poppers were divided into two groups. Our journey has begun!

We ate :

1.순희네 반찬 Sunhui’s Sidedish

:문어 젓갈 Salted Octopus, 쌀게 무침 Seasoned samall crab, 마늘 장아찌 picked garlic, 초석잠 장아찌 picked artichoke betony, 요구르트 Yogurt

2.고향손칼국수 Gohyang Knife-cut Noodles

결명자차 cassia seed tea, 고기만두 pork mandu, 김치만두 kimchi mandu

3.누이네 빈대떡 Nui’s Mung bean Pancakes

:빈대떡 Mung bean Pancakes, 고기완자 meat ball, 마약김밥 drug kimbap(because it is so addictive), 떡볶이 Tteokbokki, 순대 Sundae

4.광장시장 찹쌀꽈배기 Gwangjang Market Kkwabaegi

:찹쌀꽈배기 Twisted Korean Doughnuts

Stay tuned for a weekend update!

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