Selfie at the museum

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Honors Spanish Language & Culture

The Museum of Fine Arts of Seville, or Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla, hosts an impressive cllection of mainly Spanish visual arts from the medieval period to the early 20th century, including a selection of artworks by artists from the "Sevillian Golden Age of painting" during the 17th century, such as Murillo, Zurbarán, Francisco de Herrera and Valdés Leal. Even though the museum was founded in 1839, the building itself was built in 1594.

The visit to the museum starts explaining the main art movements exhibited in there, and how the main topics shown in the art are religion and "costumbrismo", scenes of everyday life and our customs. They allow us to see how life was centuries ago and help us preserve our mannerisms and traditions.

In this activity, we tried to make it the most engaging and interactive activity, so that way the students can learn the most about the art, so we made a selfie competition! The students had to recreate the art exhibited and had to take a selfie in front of it, the winner getting a prize at the end of it. Recreating the art help them pay more attention to the pieces, and focus on the characters and scenes presented on them. They got to learn a lot about the important painters and artists in Sevilla, their prefered topics and how they worked, the use of light in the paintings and the history of the city while focusing on their photos. It's also very fun for the students, seeing as it's an interactive way to visit a museum.