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Taking Climate Action

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Written and published by: Sela Quiniones

It is hard to believe the second week of climate action in Copenhagen is almost over! On Friday, we were lucky enough to have no rain (finally) and have a great outdoor day. After having lunch at the iconic Rizz Razz (or Razz-ma-tazz as we call it), we headed to Kings Garden. Cintia, our group's student leader, taught us a popular Danish children's game called. Kongespil (Kings Game). The object of this game is to divide your group into two teams. Both teams set up wooden blocks in a straight line, and a wooden king is placed in the middle of both teams' blocks. Each team then gets six tries to knock down their opponent's blocks and this alternates until one team's blocks is completely knocked over. Then, the team that knocked down their competition's blocks tries to knock down the king in the middle. The first team to knock down the king wins. After getting the hang of it, Sammy led her team to victory when she knocked down the king! 
After the game, everyone had time to relax. Some journaled and listened to music, some went on a walk, and others broke into girls vs. boys game of American football with a soccer ball with a win for the girls! 
After Kings Garden, we had a walking tour led by Giselle, an environmental activist from Brazil who now lives in Copenhagen. She showed us around Nørrebro, a neighborhood full of sustainable shopping and places to eat. She first took us to a bar with only local ingredients and vendors. Even the potato chips they sell are made from leftover potatoes not used for brewing.  After that, we went on a tour of the different sustainable shopping spots around the neighborhood. We passed many other thrift stores and could even look inside one, The Red Cross. The most exciting place, in my opinion, was the second-hand grocery store. This grocery store buys the food that a giant supermarket would otherwise toss, and they resell it to prevent food waste (shout-out to the Danish stranger who photobombed us). One thing we often talk about in class is overconsumption and the build-up of waste and how it affects the climate, so passing by all the second-hand shops in Nørrebro was so exciting. It made me reflect on how we can prevent building up waste.
For dinner, Giselle brought us to an eco-friendly pizza place. We enjoyed a seafood pizza, a meat pizza, a vegan pizza, and a burrata pizza (my fav). After, we enjoyed some nitrogen ice cream from a local shop. Now, just looking forward to our weekend overnight trip!