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Taking Climate Action

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Susan Warren

Our Global Navigators in Copenhagen have been experiencing tours of the city on foot, a variety of public transit and through the many waterways in the city. We have been averaging about 13 Kilomters (~8 miles) a day so far, which is really common here, but an adjustment for those of us from places where driving is more common. Students have learned to respect the active bike lanes and to keep up with the fast pace of the city's tourists and locals alike. 

Our local CIEE Center staff has lead us on several walking tours of the city, including the neighborhoods of Norhavn,  Norrebro, Refshaleøen, Amager, and the city centre. Everyday students staying at Basecamp South take the Metro, the underground train system, to the city centre to meet with the whole group. Students who are familiar with using subway systems in their home cities have been great mentors for those who are new to using public transit! We have also explored the city by water using boats to tour the central canals and by ferry, as we travelled to Youth Island for a day of community building games and swimming. 

It is clear to see the part of the Copenhagen's sustainability efforts include well designed bike lanes, pedestrian only zones, and a wealth of public transit options.