Scenes from Star Wars

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Avery Stern

Avery Stern

It's el fin de semana and everyone is taking some time to relax and recharge today before we head to Isla Magica tomorrow for roller coasters and waterpark rides. 

On Thursday, the crew explored The Plaza de España as more than just tourists. We raced to complete puzzles, snapped selfies with magnolia trees, and learned about the historical significance of the architecture and implicit meaning behind the semi-circle shape. Did you know it was designed to feel like Sevilla had open arms to the world, facing towards the river as a welcoming port? Ironically, the layout was digitally edited in a Star Wars scene to look like a completed circle for an intergalactic airport. It was only natural for us to recreate the iconic scene, the one in which Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen walk over one of the many tiled bridges. 

Movie-making spilled over into Friday as students edited interviews and filmed "B-rolls" to contextualize their mini-documentaries. On Monday they will start their indepedent projects to close-out their time in Sevilla. Hard to believe we are heading into our last week here. We are all savoring our last weekend in Spain. 

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