Saying goodbye to AMANC

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Leadership & Service in Youth Development

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Doug LeBert

On Thursday our team organized a party to say goodbye to our AMANC family after our time together; it sure was not an easy task, but it turned out to be an amazing experience for all involved. We played games with the children and their families, we broke piñatas, we served food to the children and families, and the children enjoyed a clown show. Despite the language barriers and the anxiety initially, all of our team members stepped up to the plate to bring some joy and happiness to both the children and their families of AMANC. Our ¨despedida,¨ or good bye was emotional for all. Our experiences at AMANC were truly humbling and really eye opening to just how possible it is for us to make a difference in others. 


Later that afternoon we were fortunate to visit another archaeological site in Yucatan, Uxmal. We were able to find solace in some shady areas to admire the incredible site and build our knowledge and understanding of the Mayans and their history. We are so lucky to have been exposed to these archaeological sites!