Santiago Mural Tour

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Justine Royer

Santiago Mural Tour

¿Qué lo que?  That's Dominican slang for "what's up?"

Today after a nice long morning rest from our fun-but-exhausting beach day, we had the opportunity to go on a guided tour of some of Santiago's most decorated streets and learn from a local guide about the beautiful art. Pictured here are our awesome students posing in front of this beautiful and impactful peice representing the beauty of the Carribean and the tragic reality of the pollution contaminating the waters. 

The tour was full of surprises, one of the most delicious being the chance to try a different kind of empanada! Students got to try a wheat-dough empanada with either pizza, cheese, or chicken filling. They also cooled off with refreshing natural fruit juices, a common drink here in Santiago. Chinola, or passionfruit, is quickly becoming a favorite of the kids, as is limonada, which is similar to lemonade but is actually made with lime. 

Continuing down the street, our tour guide stopped us with a great surprise! Even though we are not here at the right time for Domincan Carnaval, we got the chance to see a presentation from some lechones which are a typical part of the carnaval festivities. "Lechón" means "piglet", even though these colorful characters look more like a cross between a fantastical bull and duck. These young boys dressed in traditional masks and costumes showed off their skills with the látigos, or whips, and even gave some of our kids the chance to test their skills. It's harder than it looks to make that cracking sound! We also got to meet a traditional Roba la Gallina, or hen thief, who wears a huge skirt supposedly in which to hide stolen chickens. 

It was a fun and informative afternoon, the kids had a chance to experience culture up close and get to know more about the history, perspectives and traditions of this beautiful country. This week we have a jam-packed schedule, full of morning service activities, classes, and cultural visits! Check back this coming Thursday for our latest update!

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