Salsa in Mérida: Students Take a Piece of Mexico Home

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Spanish Language & Mexican Culture

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Amanda Hall

On Monday, students enjoyed a salsa dance class with professional instructors. With every twirl and sway, the students couldn't help but revel in the joy that salsa brought to their lives. The dance class became a celebration of movement and camaraderie, where they not only learned the technical aspects of salsa but also embraced the spirit of Mexican culture. The instructors' enthusiasm and encouragement created an atmosphere of pure delight, inspiring the students to showcase their newfound dance prowess with confidence. As the class came to an end, the students left the dance studio with beaming smiles, knowing that they had not only taken a few steps of Mexico home with them but also a heart full of cherished memories that would last a lifetime.


A few students wrote about their experience in the class: 

Destiney Willams: 

I really liked the dance class. I would say it’s really beginner friendly, and easy to learn no matter your experience level beforehand. If I had the chance, I would return, and take another class!


Yamu Xi: 

Learning a Latin American dance was one of my goals for the study abroad program. Not only was I able to achieve this goal, but I was also able to deeper understand Mexican and Latin American culture. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to experience this class and have such a great time dancing with my friends.