The Royal Highlights

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German Language & Culture

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Christine Littmann

Hallo!  The days are going quickly, with so much variety!  This week groups went out to Schloss Charlottenburg – The favorite retreat of seven generations of Hohenzollern rulers. Not many pictures were allowed inside, but students saw rooms filled with baroque style furniture, damascus draped walls, carved bed frames, and one room with porcelain from top to bottom. Outside, pictures show students walking through the amazing gardens and enjoying the sunshine with friends.

One highlight this week was seeing how competent the students are at navigating the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, and Bus system.  At the end of excursions, they all split up and find their own way home without pause. They look like locals -- well, almost.

Another wow moment was taking the groups to a local ice cream shop and watching them all order for themselves using only German!  Now, the motivation was high, but even the beginners are sounding really great after just 2 ½ weeks!

Alles Gute!