Rijksmuseum and Resto van Harte

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Kori Catlin

Kori Catlin

We started this week off with a tour of the Rijksmuseum given from a queer perspective and volunteered at Resto van Harte which is an organization that provides a "dining table" for people in the neighborhood to meet and share a meal together.  

When we entered the Rijksmuseum we were greated by a street band playing several different string instruments.   The Rijksmuseum is one of the most  iconic buildings in Amsterdam and it was easy to understand why.  The museum hosted the most beautiful library with four levels of books.  Once we were done with our tour we were able to join our guide, Henk, to the back of the library to look at some original pictures taken during protests for LGBTQ people in the 1070's.  

Tuesday we spent our afternoon and evening volunteering at Resto van Harte.  We helped prepare, serve, and clean up a group of people from the neighborhood around Holendrecht.  This organization helps fight loneliness by providing a place at the dinner table.  This evening was also Nik's birthday, he turned 17!  The entire room sang happy birthday to him in Dutch!  

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