Remnants of the Berlin Wall

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German Language & Culture

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Emily Cramer

In 1961, the early stages of the Berlin Wall were erected. One street in particular became extremely important during the wall's infancy: Bernauer Strasse. The wall ran along this street dividing East and West Berlin. For some individuals, freedom to the West now lied outside of their windows. Residents began jumping from their windows on Bernauer Straße to enter West Berlin. 

Today, students were able to visit this famous street. They learned about the first and last victims of the Beriln Wall and some of the more unique escape attempts like underground tunnels and hot air ballon rides. Students were even able to stand in the former death strip zone that kept East Berliners out of the West. 

During the tour, a student leaned over to me and said, "I can't belive we are here. I learned about the Berlin Wall in history class and now I'm" Although our tours were a bit rainy today, the students were eager to learn about Bernauser Strasse and its incredible history.