Ravenna and San Marino

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Bridgette Claery

Bridgette Claery

Ciao, di nuovo!

This past weekend we all went on an excursion to Ravenna and San Marino! Ravenna is a beautiful city by the Adriatic sea, known for their mosaic work and for being the second biggest city in Italy.

Admiring Ravenna's mosaic work
More mosaic work
Guided tour in Ravenna
Lunch in Ravenna
Lunch in Ravenna
Lunch in Ravenna
Gabe and Monica are ready to eat!
Guided tour in Ravenna

In Ravenna, we also were fortunate to see Dante Alighieri's tomb! Dante Alighieri, if you do not know, was a very famous writer and politician who was born in Florence in 1265. He died in Ravenna in 1321. Because of his ties to Florence, Florence constantly requests that his remains be transported to their city to be re-buried, but Ravenna refuses! Ravenna is very proud to have the writer of "The Divine Comedy" entombed within their city walls. As you can imagine as well, it is a huge tourist attraction!

Sarah is just hanging out with her friend Dante
Dante Alighieri Street

San Marino is actually considered its very own republic, with its own form of government separate from that of Italy. It is also known for its two UNESCO world heritage sites- the Titano mountain and the historical center of San Marino.

The flag of the Republic of San Marino
San Marino view
Group shot!
Walking in San Marino
Castle of San Marino
Exhausted on the way back to Ferrara!






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