Río Celeste rainforest tubing adventure

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Ellie Bergstrom

Ellie Bergstrom

This weekend we went on a 2-night trip to the rainforest in Río Celeste, in the province of Guanacaste. The day excursion on Saturday was tubing down the fast-moving river, Río Celeste. Normally this river is known for its light blue hue (Celeste, in Spanish) due to the reflection of light on certain minerals in the river. Since it has been raining here in the rainforest for a number of days, there was an increased sediment load in the river, which resulted in more of a greenish hue. Regardless of the color, the rapids, the scenery, and the adrenaline were absolutely unforgettable!

First, we took an hour bus ride to the adventure company's putout right on the river. They gave us helmets and life jackets to wear, as well as a funny briefing about what to expect.

Lula, Gabriella, Ben, Izzy, Oliver, and Philip prepping for the ride
What we looked like before grabbing our tubes to go!

We soon learned that the helmets were especially important because the banks hold dense rainforest, and often times there are low hanging branches and vines over the river. Next, we grabbed our tubes, walked down to the river, and split into groups so that each group had a river guide. The guide in my group had been tubing this river for 8 years!!

We got in our tubes and the guides instructed us how to tether ourselves together

Then, we pushed off and the rapids swiftly carried us down the river.

Often times we had to go single-file down a rapid

Por cierto (by the way), we were doing class 1-2 rapids and it was the perfect level of movement, yet such a rush! Halfway through, we pulled up to one side of a calm portion of the river, ditched our tubes on the riverbank, and went for a swim. 

Overall, this was a fantastic excursion. Many students said it was their favorite thing they've done the whole trip in Costa Rica! You simply cannot beat a gushing river lined by some of the most lovely rainforest one's ever seen!

This brings us to the last week of the global navigator study abroad experience in Costa Rica, and it's safe to say that CIEE Monteverde provides an AMAZING variety of quality adventure experiences throughout the program! We are so grateful!


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