Punta Laguna Monkey Sanctuary (Otoch Ma'ax Yetel Kooh)

After Chichen Itza went went to Punta Laguna Monkey Sanctuary, Otoch Ma'ax Yetel Kooh (which means spider monkey and puma), which is a natural reserve ran by Mayan families. Our local Mayan guide took our students through an unforgettable journey through the middle of the jungle. 

As we started with a long hike, as soon a we entered we spotted a couple of spider monkeys, we wanted to see them close up so our guide started calling them down closer with a monkey call.  They were so cute.

After about a 20 minute hike through the jungle we got to Zipline over 200 meters across the lagoon as part of our exciting trip. There were mixed emotions: happiness, excitment and of course some fear, but students talked each other through to take the ride. Once on the ride, the students realized how amazing the view of the jungle was from up above, and said it was worth it.  

Next onto the canoe ride across the peaceful lagoon to the other side. Those on the crew team had an easy time, as the the others, well let's say they had to really work together to meet us on the other side with the help of the younger guides. 

Then we participate in a Mayan purification ceremony before entering in the cenote. 

Finally we were lowered into the Cenote, the crystal clear water was lovely. We saw many bats inside the cave but they stayed away from us. Climbing the ladder was a challenge but so worth the stuggle. 

We had some free time, so kids decide to go for a swim in the lagoon.


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