Party Day!

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Laurie Perrin

Yesterday we were able to throw the party that we have been planning for almost a week. This party was to honor previous AMANC patients, who are now cancer survivors, and their families. All of the students’ hard work came to fruition and the children, their families, and the students’ themselves had a wonderful time. Some of the work that went into this party included numerous planning sessions, two shopping trips, and hours of setting up and cleaning. The students worked with each other and AMANC staff to get everything together and to carry out the event.

The party consisted of several activities, all planned by the students. There was bingo, ping pong, soccer, water balloons, a piñata, and jumping on the trampoline. Our students rotated, facilitating and participating in the different activities. While interacting with the staff, the children, and their parents, the students had excellent opportunities to practice their Spanish. Our Spanish teacher, Andrés, came to AMANC for a more informal Spanish class this time. He worked with the students on practicing phrases and vocabulary they had learned and helped them apply that knowledge to a real-life situation. The students also had the opportunity to ask Andrés how to say things and then immediately be able to practice what they had learned. Overall, a very successful day!