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Marta Jimenez

Marta Jimenez

The city of Seville is divided in different neighborhoods of which, the most famous is the barrio of Triana. It is located on the other side of the river and it is a very peculiar part of the city. There we find streets full of history and culture. One of the things Triana is famous for is its pottery. It doesn't matter where you go, where you look, you will always find beautiful tiles decorating the walls. That is why we went to an actual pottery workshop to design our own tiles. This workshop was the only one that has lasted for three generations and is still working nowadays. Once the students learned about the pottery tradition and the history of this famous street called Alfarería  -pottery- where these workshops are located, they came in to discover how this kind of artwork.

Once inside, we discover the place where these tiles were made, the walls were decorated with many of them so the students had many examples to use as a model. Each of us was given a tile with the typical Andalusian pattern to color up.  Even though the pattern was the same for everyone, each tile was different. We had a lot of fun while decorating and coloring feeling like proper artisans.  In the end, once all of us perfected our masterpiece, we left them at the workshop because they need to be in the ceramic furnace before they are finished. A few days after, they were given to us, and now we can enjoy the best handmade souvenir from Seville!!

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