Our little heroes made it to the Great Wall of China!

Authored By:

Ru Si

As a Chinese phrase says: one is not a hero unless he made it to the Great Wall of China. Under an incredible hot weather, all of our students can proudly say that "we are heros!" Here are our amazing experience at Jinshan Ridge Great Wall. 

By Tonantzin:

Today we visited the Great Wall of China. The day began with us all waking up an hour earlier than normal and once we arrived to school we took the charter bus to the Great Wall. Since the 1st grade when I originally learned about the wall, I have always wanted to visit. Now that it did I am very much pleased that my dream had come true. At first I could have never thought how much of a workout the wall could have been but with the company of friends, it made the hike and sweat much more enjoyable.  The Great Wall hike was followed by some good food and the food immediately took our mind off the sweat we had just dealt with. It was great and I’m very thankful for being able to have gone to the wall, eat some good food, and bond with friends. and here are some photos. 

By Shiloh:

Today we went to the great wall of china. even though nothing inside of me felt ready to wake up as early as i had to in order to make it to school early. i knew that the great wall of china was going to be life changing and that it was going to be worth it. while I had some ideas of how phenomenal the great wall of china was going to be, nothing and i mean NOTHING could have prepared me mentally for how breathtaking each step of the wall was. while we hiked up the wall we noticed small things such as little window esc holes that would bring in cool air as a type of AC system or ventilation, or the details carved into the walls inside the towers. while the hike was exhausting it definitely was worth the sweat and tears. overall i’m very grateful for this life changing experience.