Our first few days in Copenhagen!

Authored by:
Kristin Montgomery

Kristin Montgomery

We have now all arrived in Copenhagen!  After SAS pilots went on strike, we had to be flexible with rebooked flights, but we've now all made it and are ready to jump in.  The first few days here have involved meeting each other, getting settled in our Basecamp dorms, and learning how to navigate Copenhagen and Danish customs.

Some cultural differences that students are learning first hand and have noticed are:

-bedding with a duvet and duvet cover instead of a sheet and comforter

-windows with no screens

-how clean Copenhagen is and how clean the air is

-Danes like their coffee and eat a smaller breakfast than Americans

-Denmark is expensive

-Danes like second hand stores, and there is a great variety of thrift shops here

Students got practice navigating the city center on a walking tour with the Danish instructor, Niels, where they learned a few important Danish phrases and directional words.  Today they are having their first class and practicing their navigational skills with a city scavenger hunt.

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