Our exploration at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

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Ting Li

Today, we went to the Shanghai Science and Technology museum.

While the museum is named for technology, it focuses on a wide variety of topics including physics, biology, chemistry, and robotics. Before we arrived at the museum, we were told to prepare some flowers, as we would be doing a flower pressing activity.

During the activity, we placed a plant between two layers of cloth, and pounded the plant with a mallet until its pigment was released, creating an image on the cloth. The museum provided some plants, and people used their own as well. Afterwards, we displayed some of our creations and took a group picture.

In addition to this activity, we were set free to explore the museum, which contained many floors of exhibits. Some of the most unique exhibits included an exhibit featuring life-size animal replicas and an exhibit all about time and how it is measured. There were also exhibits about the human body, robots, and space travel.

We had fun at shanghai science and technology museum!

Eddie Mei(Muchin College Prep);Eli Grosser(School without walls)

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