The Okavango Delta

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Devin S.

Lions, cheetahs, elephants, oh my! That’s how it goes right?...well that fits perfectly with our time in the Okavango Delta! Monday we went on a game drive and were wowed by the wildlife. Almost immediately upon entering the Moremi Game Reserve, we saw three lions, lounging in the sun. Afterward, we came upon a family of wild dogs (with 11 pups!) and five cheetahs. Most people go without seeing these amazing animals when visiting the Delta because they can be elusive, so it was a huge treat to share a space with them. We finished today with a lesson on the ecology of the Okavango Delta, to cement what we witnessed today. 
Tuesday, we visited Elephant Havens, an elephant orphanage. We learned about the history of the facility, and we took pictures and fed the babies apples. We were getting ready to head out, but one of the co-founders, Bee, stopped us and asked if we wanted to help feed the babies their milk. We didn’t have to think hard about the answer to that!

The last several days were also very exciting. We spent two nights at the Khama Rhino Reserve near Serowe. Our Global Navigators were absolute troopers on the second day, as it was 50 degrees and rainy. But that didn’t stop them from bundling up and heading out on a game drive!! Our cold fingers and noses were worth it, as we saw giraffe, zebra, and rhino! We learned about the history of the Khama Rhino Reserve. It is a community-run reserve, that started off with only four white rhinos and now has over 30 white rhinos and nice black rhinos. 

It was an action-packed week, and with only a couple of days left, we all plan to soak up every last second!