Night Life at CIEE

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Katie Fennessey

Katie Fennessey

Even after field trips, lectures, excursions, and classroom activities, the girls always find something fun to do at the end of the day! The WIS group enjoys playing board games, going on hikes, watching movies together, and even having dance parties! The groups favorite games to play are moniker and mafia. Moniker involves charades on pop culture events and people, and mafia is a card game where the detective tries to identify and eliminate the suspect in a crime.

Grace teaches the others how to play moniker!

Many students also enjoy hiking after dinner! Some race off to see the sunset in time to a special spot on campus with the best views. Others wait for the sun to go down and explore the various trails on campus to see different animals, insects, and amphibians that come out at night.

Observing some nocturnal animals!

The campus rec room is used almost every night for movies, dancing, or just hanging out. We sang along to Mama Mia and tried analyze the ending of Get Out!

Watching movies with Megan!
Spending down time in the library!

Many girls enjoy letting loose and play Just Dance together - we've even learned a few new dance moves :)

Fairy, Ruby, Elsa, and Aylin play Just Dance together!


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