My Second Home

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Kelly McGovern

Kelly McGovern

Author: Lucinda E.

When I signed up to come to Spain, I had no idea I would be signing up to become a daughter of a family I didn’t even know yet. But lucky I am to now call another place home.

Walking around Alicante

My Spanish family includes my mamá, Liliana, and her daughter, Mayra. These two women have shown me Spain. Yet they have also shown me strength, kindness, and really good food.

Sipping coffee on my family’s terrace

When I first arrived, Liliana took me to a market and let me select my favorite fruits to bring home. She also taught me how to use the bus system. And she even gave me a set of keys to her home. Within only a couple of hours, I already felt like a part of her family.

A typical breakfast with my family

Liliana has loved me like a mother. From baking me delicious cakes to taking me shopping at outdoor markets, Liliana has made me feel right at home. And she’s shown me how to have lots of fun in Spain, too! During la Festival de las Hogueras, Liliana took me to all the festivities. We watched fireworks, ate kinder egg flavored gelato, and even shared a picnic on the beach at midnight.

Fireworks on the beach

And because of Mayra, I have a big sister now, too. After working at a cafe all day, Mayra makes sure to bring home the leftover pastries (devoured shortly after they arrive). But perhaps the most special thing about Mayra is this: within her spirit resides the joy of the family. On countless occasions we have sat at the kitchen table, laughing to the point of tears because Mayra is just that funny. In addition to bringing humor to our house, Mayra also brings a huge amount of strength. Every morning, she goes to CrossFit. And on the weekends, she climbs mountains. In two months, Mayra will walk a part of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. I am consistently impressed by her determination to grow stronger.

Hiking at Santa Barbara Castle

It’s crazy to think that a month ago, I had no idea how much I needed Liliana and Mayra in my life. Now, I could not imagine my future without them. I have already been invited to visit them again and I can’t wait for that time to come!

A special thanks to Lucinda for sharing her experience with her host family in Alicante.


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