Muggles Tour - 17 July 2023

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Marina Flores

We have done and seen so many things these past two weeks. Today my class had the opportunity to participate in the Harry Potter “Tour for Muggles.” On Monday, July 17, my class took a trip to a busy place near Cornhill. We waited in a covered market space for our tour guide, when he arrived I was shocked to say the least. The man had a booming voice and a vibrant Red/Gold scarf representing Gryffindor. He spoke excitedly with a huge smile and a massive curly beard. One could say he looked like a relative of Rubeus Hagrid. He was more than thrilled to begin the tour. We made our way through the city stopping by multiple Harry Potter filming sights along the way. With each stop our guide would load us with historical information, interesting events and coincidences that took place, and more. I appreciated learning new information about Harry Potter that most people might not be aware of. Facts that were not just about the filming of Harry Potter, but the behind the scenes of when J.K. Rowling wrote the books as well. Many of the buildings were very old. We passed by the entrance to the tavern Harry is taken to by Hagrid in the first movie. We walked down many alleyways. We got to visit the “Gringotts Bank.” We got to cross over the twisty bridge from one of the films. Many of the locations were very beautiful as well, with vines and fairy lights hanging everywhere near the end of the tour.

Written by Bella H