The Most Awaited Weekend: Chichen Itza

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Spanish Language & Mexican Culture

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Alicia Heninger

After two weeks of waiting, students enjoyed the most awaited weekend of the trip, Chichen Itza. 

Over the weekend, students and staff stayed in Hotel Zaci after arriving in Valladolid Friday night. After enjoying dinner at Conato, students had free time to explore the city of Valladolid before an early bedtime to be prepared for the day ahead. 

Saturday morning, students were up bright and early, enjoyed breakfast, and then piled onto our bus in preparation to see one of the 7 Wonders of the World in just a short time. After an hour bus ride, new CIEE backpacks, and reapplying sunscreen and bug spray, everyone was ready to go. 

We split up into two groups. Each had a guided tour of Chichen Itza's archeological site. Students then had some free time for taking photos, exploring, and shopping at the site. The guides were incredible. They shared all of the facts with the students [In Spanish], and showed some hidden gems of the city from "Mayan Quidditch," the fantastic acoustics in all parts of the town, to the importance of the Mayan calendar when the city was built. 

Students and staff alike had a wonderful time at Chichen Itza on Saturday: seeing the sites, bartering with vendors, seeing iguanas, and getting as many photos to send back home.