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K-Pop Immersion

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Sartu Taha

After a weekend trip to Jeonju, students were able to have a chance to learn more about the role of fans in constructing the culture of K-POP. On Monday, students had a chance to learn about how k-pop groups are formed through televised auditions and competition shows where audience viewership influences in how groups are formed. Students had a chance to also participate in a mini activity assuming the role of a k-pop producer and get a chance to experience what it is like to produce a k-pop group. 

On Tuesday, students had a chance to further their knowledge in the role of fandom in K-POP in class. Students learned how fandom participates in creating contents and merchandise for the groups often being part of the process in promoting the artists in unofficial ways utilizing social media. The highlight of the class was students getting a chance to learn the fandom culture of sing along and chanting called Ttechang. Students got to see some examples of how K-POP and korean music audience enjoy concerts by singing along to the artist. Students got a chance to also bring their own light sticks and practice Ttechang in class along BTS’s 2018 hit Fake Love as an activity. 

Outside of the class, students also had a chance to connect with CIEE alumni in Korea during the Alumni talk with the E-sports program. The CIEE alumni from different years who are still living in Korea. From cultural exchange experience, living abroad, to the value of networking and meeting new people, students were able to get valuable advice through the alumni talk and Q&A.