Monteverde campus no matter where you look there is food everywhere!

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Ellie Bergstrom

Ellie Bergstrom

By María Celeste Barquero

It's only has been five days since this experience start it and we already tried a lot of natural juices! Also we are impressed that in a little area we can see a lot of different kinds of tree fruits. Through the campus is very easy to see all kinds of trees with different fruits. It has been a wonderful experience for our senses! From smelling the leaves of the citric until we let our faces show how sour they are!

And can we talk about the highlight of our breakfast time? Sure! Each morning at our breakfast we have tried different fresh fruits such as apples, oranges, watermelon, pineapple, papaya, banana and this are only the fruits! The juices have been delicious too at every meal. Not only there are delicious they are beautiful and colorful, they surprised us one morning with “rambután” (aka mamón chino)! The look is really particular. From the outside is covered with a kind of thick red hair, it’s very easy to open with your mouth or fingers and eat the inside and enjoy the sweetness inside (but be careful with the seed).

The campus is wonderful, through our daily hikes at campus we had the opportunity to see a lot of fruit trees, and medicinal plants we see how the tree look like and one amazing thing is to smash the leaves to discover their smell! We just gently touch them and then we smell our fingers and it’s amazing! On the way to the campus farm our teachers (Caro and Vane) taught us a medicinal plant called Piper and it works for headaches and as an insect repellent. Isn’t nature amazing?

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