Mercat de l'Olivar: Student Takeover!

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Mediterranean Marine Ecosystems & Sustainability

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Lucy Ehrlich

This post was written by Lea Marti, a Mediterranean Marine Ecosystems & Sustainability session 2 student!


After a week full of swimming in beautiful beaches  which was amazing but exhausting we were able to take a day to focus more on our Spanish immersion. We went to El Mercado de Olivar to be able to see more of the treasures of Palma. 

Not only were we able to take a break from the excruciating heat but we were also given the opportunity to sleep in and catch up on much needed rest. The market or el mercado in Spanish is really close to the Plaza d’España which is where we meet in the morning. This meant we were able to walk to it and enjoy the views of the busy streets. 

This excursion was not only an opportunity for us to visit some beautiful places in Palma but also an opportunity to practice our Spanish and expand our vocabulary. With the five Euros that were given to us we were expected to go buy something for our host families to show our gratitude for all that they are doing for us. My host mom gave us free range for this although still specified that she would like some fresh fruits. My roommate and I were happy to comply to this request, especially seeing how amazing the fruits looked in the stands. There were so many and they were all so colourful!

On top of that we were also given an activity to do by our Spanish teachers. This was to encourage our communication with the locals while also encouraging us to learn more about the Spanish customs. The activity had numerous parts to it, some of which had to do with traditional dishes while others had to do with El Mercado de Olivar. The vendors were all very friendly and always answered our questions. 

I really loved this excursion because it was a nice break from what we normally do and it was really fun. I enjoyed walking around the market with my group members and exploring. All the excursions have been really fun but this one really allowed us to engage with locals as well as the Spanish culture. We have even more fun excursions coming up soon such as our camping trip in Menorca tomorrow which I can’t wait for. 

So far this has been an amazing experience and I am looking forward to what’s to come!