"Making a masterpiece" - Post by PL Zaazil Cabreja

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Flor Peraza

Flor Peraza

No matter how old we are, we're always attracted to some kind of expression of creativity. 

On August 3rd we explored our creativity through a painting class. We went at 2:00 p.m. to the "Petite Julieta" restaurant, which is a restaurant with a different concept, learn to paint while you eat!

Upon arrival we were transferred to the second floor where our places awaited us, each with a canvas, paint in various colors, brushes and a reference image to paint. The image to be painted was CHICHEN ITZA! We started by putting on an apron to avoid accidents and choosing our places. The teacher explained that it was easier to start with the background and from there add the details and finish by painting the pyramid.

While we were painting the background, the servers appeared bringing us a delicious lemonade that we enjoyed while the main course came out. After a few minutes they began to serve the food they were hamburgers with fries! We all enjoyed the food while we continued our masterpiece.

To finish the waiters served us a tasty brownie for dessert while we made the last brushstrokes to finish our paintings. In the end, some of the students tried to paint the model picture, while others explored their creative side and made their own version of the painting, yet all did an excellent job.

With this class, we are nearing the end of the program and continuing in our personal growth.

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