A lovely start in London

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Theatre Arts on London’s Stage

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Our Theater Arts Behind the Scenes students arrived in London on Sunday and was welcomed with a beautiful walking tour around Russell Square. The program leaders took everyone around the city to see the main monuments and explore a little bit of what London has to offer. 

After their visit to the British Museum on July 12th, one of our students, Tanniah David wrote: "[t]he museum was really fun. we saw Ancient Greek artifacts & we took lots of pictures. The art was a bit eye opening because each piece had a caption explaining the meaning [of it] and diving into the life of the Ancient Greek. It was also really nice to be working with a team of my peers towards a goal that required thinking but not too much to the point where it was stressful. I also got some really cute stuff from the gift shop. My PL [program leader] is really nice and that honestly made the trip a lot more fun"

The students have been having a blast in London, going to museums, theater shows and walking tour. So far, we are in day five, and we have three weeks to explore and learn a lot more about London.