London Days!

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Erin Munsie

Erin Munsie

We have been busy the last few days in London! Students are working on their projects, short plays written, directed and starting Session I students! In between classes and rehearsing their pieces, we have been soaking up as much of London as we can before the program comes to an end.

Students took a trip to Oxford this week, which was a lovely excursion outside of London to the oldest university! We learned a lot about the university and its history, including a college that only takes a maximum of two students per year! Our local guide was amazing and had a great mix of humor and history. Harry Potter fans were extra excited to see some of the filming locations from the movies.

We trekked up to Primrose Hill to see a gorgeous view of London, complete with a stop for delicious gelato at the cutest little shop in Primrose! Dinner that evening was at a great restaurant, but the best part was the STAGE. The owner invited students up to the stage, allowing them to use the instruments. What could be better for a group of drama kids?! We all had a great time. 

Some of us went to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard. It was BUSY! You've got to see it at least once, so our students can check the spectacle off their lists! 

Time is moving very quickly here in London! With only two days left in the program, students are savoring each moment with their new friends in this wonderful city full of culture and history. 




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