Lights, Camera... Action!

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Tylar Colleluori

Tylar Colleluori

It's hard to believe that today was the last day of classes for our participants! After three weeks of learning about art across the centuries, from ancient Roman architecture to Renaissance fresco and drawing techniques, students were able to explore an art form that is a bit more modern: documentary film making. They began the lesson by learning about the language of film, and how different types of shots can convey various messages and emotions to a viewer. Students then divided into groups, and walked around to explore EUR through their camera lenses. EUR is a complex of buildings and monuments originally intended to be the site of the 1942 World Fair. The task for our participants today was to contemplate the architecture, which is very different in style than what the students have gotten used to seeing around the city, and to capture their feelings about this experience in Rome on film.

Here's an example of what one group produced as a final short film:


In the afternoon, students were able to express their silly sides during a commedia dell'arte workshop. They learned about the history of theatre in Italy, especially some of the elements that are so important to commedia dell'arte: improvisation and fixed characters. These characters include two young lovers, a know-it-all doctor, a rambunctious servant, and a gullible old man. Students practiced some theatre techniques to connect with their bodies and voices, before embodying these characters in short skits. Enjoy their performances below!



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