Let's go to the museum!

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Jose Sologuren

Today we had an exciting afternoon. Students in our Alicante program had the opportunity to visit two museums. 

The first museum was the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante. At this museum, students had the opportunity to see some work of famous painters as Picasso and Miró.

After this, the students had some time to visit the Cathedral Santa Maria, the oldest church in Alicante and see its beautiful architecture.

Later, after a walk along the Explanada, we arrived at our second museum, Lonja de Pescado (Sala Municipal de exposiciones).

Here the students had the opportunity to appreciate a pictorial exhibition of the Fallas and also part of the photographs that were submitted for a competition in Alicante.

For more information about these museums you can visit: www.museosdealicante.com 


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