Learning how to dance flamenco

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Honors Spanish Language & Culture

Flamenco is an expressive and captivating dance that originated in the Andalusian region, dating back several centuries. It is characterized by its emotion, hand gestures and intricate footwork and it reflects the emotions and strenght of the performers, being a symbol of the Spanish culture worldwide.

Flamenco is a huge part of our culture, so it was really important for the students to learn more about the music and dance, and grasp the basic concepts of it.

They start with clapping. The rhythm in flamenco is very unique, and like in every dance style, it's important to hear the empo and how it flows to be able to do all the steps in time. Clapping is also one of the most important parts in flamenco, being one more instrument in the music and being used during the dance too.

Afterwards, they start with the hands. It's hard to learn the concept, as it they have a lot of twists and moving the fingers and wrists. There are a lot of tricks to be able to perform all the hand gestures though (as the famous "grabbing the apple, eating and throwing it").

Then, it was time to add the footwork! That was a really fun part, but also kind of difficult. On top of moving their arms and hands to the rhythm, it's also important to keep pattern with the legs, accompanying and emphasizing the accents in the music with the feet.

Overall, it was a really fun time for the students and it allowed them to learn more about our culture and history.