Last Week of the Course

Authored by:
Kathy Weingand

Kathy Weingand

It is the last week of the course and everyone is making preparation for the trip home.  We are thinking about the wonderful time we had and all the things that we have done.  Yesterday we had a tour of street art.  Last week we had a free day and each group had their own choice of what they wanted to do.  Some saw a show, others visited a museum and one group visited a palace here in Berlin.  On the weekend the students spent their weekend with their host families and their new friends that they have met here on the program.  Many visited flee markets and parks.  They also enjoyed relaxed meals and family activities.  

With the last week uponus, the students are making final preparations and doing last minute shopping .  On Saturday morning many will be getting up in the early hours to join their flights.  It has been a memorable trip for which the students are truely thankful. 

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