Last Stop: Monteverde

Authored by:
Chrissy Gill

Chrissy Gill

Our final stop on this adventure are the beautiful mountains of Monteverde!

The focus of the past few days have been sustainable agriculture, sustainable tourism, and permaculture. Our first stop was visiting a local coffee farm and learning how farmers use multiple crops to strengthen their coffee plants.  We even learned to make tortillas!

Another highlight of this week was visiting the cloud forest and learning how tourism can positively affect a community, if done right. Some students got to see the famous Quetzal!

Later in the week we visited the brand new CIEE campus and their farm where we got to make our own compost. 

We ended the week with a local community members who are dedicated to sustainable practices and pushing local governments to also adopt sustainable practices to help prevent further climate change.

On our final day we got to kick back and relax at a local yacht club! Highlights included water polo, dance lessons, and volleyball! 

Tomorrow we have to say goodbye. It is crazy how close these kids got after three short weeks! 

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