The Last Friday Together

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Taron Ware

Taron Ware

Who'd have thought that three weeks could go by so fast? During their final class on Friday, students worked on finalizing their pitch for a website designed to boost agency in young, future voters and encourage participation among their peers. Everyone was impressed with how well the students worked together to make this final presentation happen. It was clear how much students had learned over the three weeks as they used their collective energy to create a meaningful project that they hope to pass on to future Global Navigators.



After class, we had lunch at a nice restaurant called Le Cercle des voyageurs. This was a three-course meal filled with laughs, memories, toasts, and of course, chocolate dessert! With their stomachs full and hearts content, students were set off on a scavenger hunt challenge to test their knowledge of the city of Brussels. It was highly competitive, and the winners were treated to ice cream after our last dinner at their favorite restaurant, Le Temps danse. What final dinner would be complete without a mini dance party? The staff at Le Temps danse made sure we went out with a bang, and blasted some music on their outdoor speakers in order to create a party-like vibe. It was much appreciated!


More details to come about our return to the States!

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