Kimchi, Cats & Deoksu Palace

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Nikia Brown

Kimchi Museum

There are over 200 kinds of Kimchi created in South Korea. It is considered the staple food of the country and no meal is complete without it. Seoul Navigators gathered at the Kimchi Museum located in the heart of Insadong to make their own Kimchi dish. While the Kimchi-making process can easily take an entire day, the students had an assist from the Museum workers who generously prepared all the necessary ingredients in advance. Before combining the ingredients, the students were invited to immerse their senses in the fragrance of each ingredient. The intensity of each scent varied drastically as was reflected in the students' visceral reactions to the garlic, chilli powder and anchovy sauce. 

Students making Kimchi inside the Kimchi Museum.

After gushing over their freshly-made Kimchi creations, the students personally donated their containers to residents of a nearby senior citizens center. The residents appeared equally delighted by the students' donations as they were their bright international faces. 

Group picture of students holding their finished containers of Kimchi.

Painting Cats in Iwha Mural Village 

Whether you like cats, dogs, or meercats, there is a place for you in Korea. Expressions of love for animals can be found all over the city - from quirky pet cafes to accessory stores to a quiet cafe atop Iwha Mural Village. The cafe is complete with tiles decorated with cats of different sizes, shapes, and personalities. With one hand holding a beverage, and the other a paint brush, the students channelled their inner Picasso as they created their own mastepieces.

Students painting cats in Iwha Mural Village

Student and program leader sitting on the rooftop of a cafe in Iwha Mural Village.

Group picture at a cafe atop Iwha Mural Village.

Group picture of students and leaders in front of a mural of angel's wings.

Moonlight Tour of Deoksu Palace

If you think Paris is the only city with romance, then think again. As Korean Historian, Brian Kim, took us on a guided tour of Deoksu Palace, we quickly fell in love with the historic grounds surrounded by Seoul's modernity. Deoksu Palace is a walled compound of palaces formerly inhabited by members of the royal family during the Joseon Dynasty. Brian spoke of Korea's unique history, perserveranve through wars and conquests, and the role of the royal family and guards in safeguarding the nation's survival and dignity.

Group picture of students and leaders in front of Deoksu Palace in Seoul, South Korea.


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