The Kids are Coming Home!!!

Authored By:

Margot Pinckney

That's right. Tomorrow morning (or, depending on from what time zone you view the events, the day after), the Global Discoverers are returning to the states. It's been an amazing journey, one I hope thee four young people will never forget. I certainly won't be forgetting them. Below is a picture of the four of them when we were at the Bee farm. Tova's a little unhappy with all the pictures I was taking that day, but I thought it was worth sharing a photo of them just sitting together.

Photo for blog post The Kids are Coming Home!!!

We've seen and learned so much. There was proof of this in the students' final presentations this morning (all four were excellent), but the real evidence is the stories they bring home to you. I hope you're excited to hear them. In the meantime, above are a few pictures from our excursion yesterday to the Olympic Park. Get those questions ready, and we'll see you soon!